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Inevitably, all people will age and experience both physical and cognitive conditions.

This often hinders individuals in carrying out daily tasks such as housekeeping and buying groceries. It may be even more upsetting when these elderly people in need have no family members by their side to support them. These are some of the crippling things the elderly will face.


With the support of volunteers at Ascending Hope Community Services, we aim to be the rainbows that cast over their difficult moments. We want to be a ray of optimism that they need to pull through their twilight years. We also hope to inspire and spread the importance of community participation in the process. The funds and contributions received from this campaign will allow us to fulfil our mission and expand our services to a larger outreach throughout Singapore.

Support our community work in providing a Liveable Home for Ageing-in-place Elderly who are socially isolated or need help with their day-to-day living.
Tote Board will match every dollar we raise from this campaign, 
Meaning any donation will have double the impact

Donors will also receive a 250 % tax rebate on the value of their contributions.

Fundraising Campaign 2022

Ascending Hope Community Services

37 Jalan Pemimpin, #07-02 Mapex Building Singapore 577177

Service Hotline  8876 2225

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