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Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Incredible Mom
Meet this incredible mom - Kate
What are the most challenging parts of being a single mum?

Having no one to turn to, Making solo decisions. Over time, I've learned to just embrace this responsibility and believe that all things will work out fine. I have bred a new found confidence and independence in myself.

What advice do you have for single parents who are struggling to make ends meet?

While it’s true that “money can’t buy happiness”, a lack of money can cause stress and anxiety. Single moms are more likely to feel guilty for not providing enough for their children.

Tips: Become frugal. Use a monthly budget to track expenses. Save for the short- and long-term.

What does your faith mean to you as a single mother?

Knowing that God would be with me all the time brought me comfort when I felt most alone. I have made sure to nurture that relationship in the years since, both through church and through new relationships I have found.

Do you feel bad your child doesn’t have a “normal” family?

There will probably always be that lingering guilt that resonates within me, but we have to learn to let the guilt go. Feeling guilty won’t fix anything. In fact, many times our guilt leads us to try to overcompensate and things get worse.

Show your children that you are doing the best you can under the circumstances. Your children rely on you to help them move forward through your split and starting a new life. Give them one filled with happiness, laughter, and togetherness instead of one filled with guilt.

How do you take time to take care of yourself?

I try to find a new hobby, make new friends, go out every once in a while. What you shouldn’t do is allow yourself to be depressed and miserable, you’re entitled to happiness too.

What advice would you give to single mothers?

Moms are humans after all, we still need emotional support and pillars of strength to lean on to assist us in our lives. Don't feel ashamed or afraid to reach out for help.

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