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Diana - we are not walking alone.

What are the most challenging parts of being a single mom?

Being a single mother has never been easy. It was the toughest choice to make. The most challenging part is having to take up all the responsibilities, taking care of and providing for the kids. In front of them, having to stay strong, attend to their needs 24/7, providing for them, making sure they are well taken care of.

How did you become a single mother?

It was a time when I found out my ex-husband acting suspiciously. He started telling lies, spent money on chat line talking to girls, visiting massage place and sex toys shop. Lastly to the extend which I could not tolerate was the part he went to prostitution.

That’s when I got hurt and went through counselling and mediation from my ex-pastor. This went on and on for quite sometimes and finally, it didn’t help as his old habits didn’t change. My love for my ex-husband has failed and my love for him has died and I finally filed for a divorce.

What do you say to your kid when he ask about their biological father?

I would tell my 2 elder one the truth that I and my ex-husband is no longer together due

to some reason as I didn’t want to lie and I keep assuring that both daddy and mummy still love them.

Do you still talk to your in laws?

No, as my ex in-laws hated me as they blame me for the cause of the whole marriage break up.

What are the struggles you’ve face as a single mother?

When you are emotionally in need of a pillar of strength. Financially unstable and hardly make ends meet. Consistently worrying about how to provide for the family.

What does your faith mean to you as a single mother?

Trusting and believing God that I am not alone being a single mum. I am not forsaken.

Do you feel bad your child doesn’t have a “normal” family?

Yes. But at least there is still God, someone whom they can look up to and talk to.

How do you take time to take care of yourself?

I will go out and meet up with my friends for drinks/dinner or stay home to watch my show,

Surf the internet, go to the gym or exercise.

What advice would you give to single mothers?

As single mum, we are not walking alone.

God is always there for us to provide for all our needs.

We need to learn to be strong and courageous.

Hope is always there when we look up to God and

He will make a way for us.

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