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Incredible Mom - Gan, dedicated her time to help more women on the same journey!

What are the most challenging parts of being a single mom?

As a single mother, I feel the most challenging aspect to balance being the perfect parent and juggling to be the sole breadwinner for the family.

How did you become a single mother?

When my ex-husband suddenly told the magistrate that he did not want our children

as he could not afford to support them.

What do you say to your kid when he ask about their biological father?

I am always open with them about their father. I will stick to the facts and am mindful of keeping personal feelings, fears and worries to myself. I don’t want to project these things onto my kids.

Can you also describe a time when you felt uplifted and empowered as a single mum?

As I reminisce about my children, I always feel proud that I was able to raise them alone to become successful and matured adults, despite growing up with the challenges of a single-parent home.

What advice would you give to single mothers?

You cannot change the past and the hurt you had to endure, but you can use the strength that you gained from overcoming those obstacles to work towards making the best life for yourself and your child. Learn from the past but live in the present and look towards the future.

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