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Walk out of your comfort zone, be independent! - Daphne

Beautiful Mom Daphne
What are the most challenging parts of being a single mom?

I feel the most challenging part as a single mom is when I have to work abroad, I can’t be taking part in the journey growing up with my child.

What advice do you have for single parents who are struggling to make ends meet?​

Be content with what you have. Keep a Healthy Mindset about your life.

Do you still talk to your in laws?

Yes, we are still in touch. My Ex-Mother in law loves my child very much.

We are still having a good relationship.

Can you also describe a time when you felt uplifted and empowered as a single mum?

The most satisfying thing is I've been able to grow into an independent person and managed to maintain my relationship with my family and child when I am away from home.

What does your faith mean to you as a single mother?

Religion has provided me with comfort in knowing that there is a greater power who is watching me, even in times when I'm most troubled.

It gave me the strength to move forward to a better future.

What advice would you give to single mothers?

Listen to what your children have to say and understand their needs.

Be courageous and grow with your children.

Let your children know that the past is over, you can build a better future together.

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